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When it comes to automation, your requirements will always be unique, so are our solutions. We listen and use our resources to build low-cost solutions based on results. It can be something simple as a single component, a resource management solution, or even a comprehensive control and information system for multiple factories ... Show more.


Certified by:
Consejo Colombiano de Seguridad


Our optimization service ensures excellent performance of PID loops, providing significant savings in manufacturing costs through product quality improvements, waste reduction, and reducing downtime.

  • Software configuration and communication verification with the control system.
  • Obtaining system model and setting strategy to use.
  • Use of tools to tuning through specialized software including fuzzy logic
  • Loop Evaluation including periodic visits to review the performance and make adjustments if necessary.
  • Online analysis and changes without stopping processes to lessen effects on production.
  • Detailed reports of results and the parameters that have been changed..
Using our service, you will decrease the wear of your control equipment, save energy (electric, pneumatic, etc..) and optimize the performance of your equipment.

  Badly tuned loop:

It presents a continuous change in its control variable, which creates wear on the parts and inefficiency in the response..

Loop Ideal:

It responds quickly to setpoint or process changes. It provides stability and prevents oscillation
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